Early Intervention

The early years are a critical time for growth and development.  Research has shown that Early Intervention works.  All families with the necessary supports and resources can enhance their children’s learning and development.  The earlier a child and family receives support, the greater their success. 

What is Early Intervention?

Wood Lane’s Early Intervention (EI) is a family-centered program for children birth to three years of age, with certain medical conditions, developmental delays and disabilities. The program is part of Ohio’s Help Me Grow System.  

What does the Early Intervention Program Provide?    

EI provides screenings and evaluations of children to identify concerns in early development. The program provides support for families and caregivers in their efforts to further their child’s development.  

Who should contact Wood Lane’s Early Intervention Program?    

Anyone with a child from birth to age 3 that has a concern that their child is not walking, talking or playing like other children his or her age, should contact EI at (419) 352-5115.

What happens next? 

1. A Help Me Grow Service Coordinator will schedule a home visit.  This visit will include screenings for hearing, vision and nutrition.  A referral is then made to the EI team for evaluation.

2. The evaluation looks at all developmental domains, and also takes into account the family’s concerns and priorities for the child’s 

3. A team will meet with you to discuss the evaluation results and make recommendations for services.  

What happens if my child is eligible for services?

1. An enrollment packet will be completed.

2. A Primary Service Provider (PSP) from Wood Lane’s Early Intervention team will be assigned to your family.  

3. An Individual Family Service Plan (IFSP) will be developed. (This plan is customized specifically to your family and your child’s needs).  

4. Your PSP will meet with your family and any child care providers in real-life settings such as your home, child care locations, park, store or other community settings.  During these meetings your PSP will use coaching techniques to build upon what you are already doing to further enhance your child’s development in your everyday routines.   

What other support may be available through EI?

Your child may receive consultations from a Speech Language Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, and/or Developmental Specialists. You and your child will also be invited to regular play groups.

What is the cost?   

There is not a charge to eligible families in Wood County for services provided by Wood Lane Early Intervention. 

How will this program help my family?

Infants and toddlers learn best through every day experiences in familiar settings.  Your individual child and family interests are the foundation for growth. You will work with a PSP to decide the priorities for your child’s development and achievement. Our program will enhance child participation in family and community experiences important to you.